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Letters from our Listeners
Explore the Feedback we have recieved below and read what our listeners are saying about the show! To submit your feedback fill out the form on the contact page and send us your comments.

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Ray Cook wrote...
on 3/26/10

I am very much for health care reform, but the way this reform was put through I have no idea what it means for myself and people like me. Talking with friends I find they too are having the same problem. Something this massive and costly should have been outlined and explained to all Americans much better. I believe that would cut down on much of the problem the country is having accepting it.


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Beau Stubblefield-Tave wrote...
on 11/27/09

Dear Mark and Margaret,

Your program was the best and most balanced coverage of the breast cancer guideline issue I’ve heard so far. Congratulations!

Found Dr. Zarfos to be very balanced and temperate. Offered real criticism and support for both the task force and the findings. You two were clearly well prepared and a great team. No surprise on either point. The fact that a man and a woman were discussing breast cancer together was not lost on me, or on others, I’m sure. We need many more conversations like this around health, health care, and health reform beyond health insurance reform. Preaching to the choir of course, just have to say thank you and keep it up.

Mark’s point on Black women and breast cancer struck home personally and professionally of course. Check out www.pinkandblack.org to learn about a Boston initiative that could be replicated in communities nationwide. I wear their lapel pin with pride.


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Christopher Dimotsis wrote...
on 10/26/09

Thanks for your help finding the webcast of the Conversation on Health Care with Dr. Blumenthal. It was very informative.


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Edward Sekscenski wrote...
on 10/23/09

Just had the chance to listen to the segment on Telemedicine and Telehealth. While technology has moved forward, many of the issues remain similar to those discussed at a meeting I attended in 1999 in Cambridge, England. I provided the US introduction to that meeting and the editor of the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare asked if he could use it as the Foreword to an upcoming edition of their Journal (attached). Below is the website for the issue of the Journal from that conference, but from which you may also obtain the website to their current issues and their archives. Again I am enjoying Conversations on Healthcare. All of the programs have been informative and lively discussions.

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David Vliet wrote...
on 10/14/09

Hello all,

Have very much been enjoying your podcasts, please keep it up!

I see your topic today is Advanced Access with the notable guru, Dr. Murray. We are implementing this approach (and have been for almost five years) across our practice which is 21 sites, 80 providers. If you’d ever been interested in this approach from a Center’s perspective, we’d love to share our experiences.

Also, a good topic would be the development and implementation of an Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) program. In the six years we have had our program operational, it has proven to be highly successful as I am sure it is with other practices across the CHC world.

Kindest regards,
David Vliet

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Robert Olson wrote...
on 10/09/09

Hi Mark and Margaret,

Thanks for including us in your email notice about your "Conversations on Health Care®." I listened to it the first time last Wednesday and heard your conversation with Sharon Shindler Rising about centering. I found it very helpful (and timely!) for thinking about New Britain. Her thinking about group process in the context of such an intimate setting as her work with patients was interesting. She seemed to say that by working together in a group, both providers and patients were benefitted by new knowledge and in her word, joy; that advances in efficiency, effectiveness and quality are achieved through a group process that advocates for everyone, and that everyone as a result experienced education, community building and empowerment. It was also interesting that she found that individual clients, building on this kind of group conversation and the support, chose to change behavior for health.

It's great that you are doing this. You have a new listener.


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Larry Dent wrote...
on 9/30/09

Spencer WV is a town of about 2,200 here in very rural Roane County, WV. It is about 60 miles due North of Charleston. We are a FQHC and have been here for 26 years. The WalMart Store here is the center of business for the area and it is located about 100 feet from our clinic. About two years ago when all of the press was being made about in-store clinics I approached WM to see if we could install a walk in clinic in the store next to us but the response was that it was not in their store plan.  I will say that the WM response was very prompt and cordial. We have 10 medical providers and have had EMR for over two years. It would be very easy for us to install a walk in clinic and would gladly do that but for whatever internal reasons they had WM was simply not interested. We did not get to the point of a face to face meeting about it.

L. Dent

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Edward Sekscenski wrote...
on 9/30/09

Excellent choice for discussion. I’ve use a Target and Wal-Mart for health care that I need at hours that my primary care physicians choose not to be available – weekends, evenings, etc. I am confident the care I receive for the  services I am seeking is excellent. As in your write-up below, I am seen by a nurse practitioner at these “convenience clinics,” but then I am also seen by a nurse practitioner at my primary care doc’s office since what I see them for are often sinus infections and similar issues.  If I need additional care the NP will refer me to a doctor, or the emergency room if the doctor’s office again chooses not to be available at the time care is needed. We need to move away from the idea that people get sick between 9-5 M-F. I am also proud to have been a small part of increasing the supply of both NP’s and PA’s that help make these clinics affordable and effective:

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Lucy Nalpathancil wrote...
on 9/30/09


Conversations on Health Care® is in its second week! Thanks to all of our listeners who submitted comments and feedback after our inaugural show last Wednesday. The show's goal is to focus in on reform and innovation in our nation's health care delivery system. This week, we discuss retail care clinics.

Hosts, Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter will have two interviews with leaders in the retail care industry. First, they'll speak with Take Care Health Systems Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, Sandra Ryan. Take Care owns and operates retail clinics inside Walgreens drug stores.  They will also interview Dr. John Agwunobi, President of Wal-Mart’s Health and Wellness Division about Wal-Mart’s partnership with independent health care providers.

For those who wrote asking for the podcast of the show – you can listen online today at 4:30 pm (1:30 Pacific time) at www.wesufm.org or go to our website www.chc1.com Just look for the Conversations icon and play the recording of each week's broadcast.

Also, feel free to email [email protected] with suggestions on topics that would be of interest to you and your colleagues.

Thank you for your support,

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Kate Coleman wrote...
on 9/27/09

I would love an opportunity to highlight the fact that new technology now means that we can eliminate at least 50% of global blindness rapidly and inexpensively. I am an eye surgeon and founder of www.Righttosight.com. We are currently focussing on Africa and are developing several cataract surgeon training centers. Publicity to create awareness amongst governments of Africa and G20 donor countries will correct policy that fails to implement the cure.

Best wishes,
Kate Coleman

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